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About Second Home Optics

Second Home Optics was created by Ray and Kendall Northcutt after discovering a need for the service in their own lives.


Real Estate Investors themselves, Ray and Kendall realized how much value a visual "check up" on their properties could provide. Designed to be a compliment to long or short-term property management, Second Home Optics gives absentee homeowners an unbiased, third party perspective on the state of their property. 

Is your management company doing an adequate job maintaining your home? How much snow is currently sitting on the roof? Is the lawn lush and green, or is it being neglected? Do the hedges need trimmed? Do the windows need washed?


Curb appeal alone can make all the difference for your short-term vacation rental, and catching signs of damage early can save thousands of dollars in repair. Second Home Optics is here to provide you peace of mind by letting you keep an eye on things without being there. 

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